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Story About Our Products

Donegal Designs is all about Donegal, the beautiful landscapes there and it’s lovely friendly people.

Our products aim to convey the humour of Donegal people with a touch of their wonderful sayings, which people outside of the county don’t really understand.

Tens of thousands of tourists visit the county, each and every year and they witness beautiful landscapes and the easy going lifestyle of the locals there.

Donegal is a big county, and is a pathway for the Wild Atlantic Way which has the most magnificent and breathtaking views in the county.

Donegal people are proud of their wonderful county. This is evident when the Gaelic matches are on against another county, they turn up in their thousands waving the green and yellow flags on their county team and mostly cheer them on to victory.

Our T Shirts, Pillows , Mugs, Face Masks and also Face Masks for Donegal Towns

aim to provide locals and visitors alike a reminder of the beauty and humour that is our beloved wee big county of Donegal.

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